Our Services

Arab Architects nurture a design philosophy that inspires individual works of art in every project, a grand design that is aesthetically unique. Propelled by experience and passion, the company is proud to have assisted in numerous milestone projects within the Kingdom and holds a reputation for excellence.


Pre Contract Services

We partner with our clients to provide end-to-end ‘Architectural and Engineering Consultancy’ solutions.


Post Contract Services

A core service provided during the course of the entire project from construction through to conclusion is Architectural Supervision.


Established and built over three decades of experience, with a deep understanding of the harsh desert terrain, Arab Architects recognises that design is one of the most powerful strategic tools for securing lasting competitive advantage.

We endeavor to develop unique and rational designs. These are economical, energy saving and fit into the ambience of the location, matching the by-laws of the country.

A specialty at Arab Architects is strategic planning. We keep our clients up to date with developments by presenting them with an approximation of costs involved and the return-on-investment implications.

We partner with our clients to provide end-to-end ‘Architectural and Engineering Consultancy’ solutions.


Arab Architects has a highly-skilled, competent team of architects, engineers, 3D visualisers and CAD designers who incorporate components of design and structural engineering to create state-of-the-art architecture that is in synergy with the landscape.


Space planning has been a crucial element of our vision; it is imperative in creating organised interiors and architectural harmony for our innovative designs. Clear structural analysis, design and construction management are crucial in ensuring that a design resonates with its surroundings. Externally, the team focuses on various components of façade planning.


Arab Architects is known for its quality performance and timely completion of work. Since its launch, we have successfully completed sizable projects of 250 million Bahraini Dinars and continue to serve our clients with renewed vigor using the latest technologies in architecture and engineering.

The state-of-the-art CAD design approach has gained wide acceptance amongst our clients and has enabled us to create innovative, eye-catching architectural marvels in The Kingdom of Bahrain. We work on structural designs, electric and electromechanical aspects; our team of architects and engineers work together to share the details of the process to ensure fluidity and efficiency.

Arab Architects work as partners with our clients and our team is motivated in adopting a creative approach towards design and structure to produce examples of architectural brilliance.

Arab Architects has evolved into a leading architectural services provider. Our aim is to create ultra-modern structures while keeping the estimated costs in mind and strictly adhering to international standards. At the same time we are hands-on and utilize local resources in the best possible manner.


The distinctive consultancy services of Arab Architects combines local expertise with global perspective, working seamlessly to fulfill the vision of our clients in a cost effective and timely manner. Experts in strategic planning, each advisor is up to date with the latest developments and best current practice. They present clients with a realistic approximation of the costs involved and the return-on-investment.

The design services at Arab Architects synergise engineering processes with the backdrop of the location to create project-based designs that are shared with the client and implemented as a process.

Our structured philosophy is guided by the client’s requirements rather than a pre-determined style. This has enabled Arab Architects to emerge as one of the leaders in its field.