Post Contract Services

City Centre Towers

A core service provided during the course of the entire project from construction through to conclusion is Architectural Supervision. Central to this provision is a focus on maintaining control over the fit-out process by monitoring construction and ensuring that project objectives are met. In this phase of the project, clients and contractors voice their concerns about job conditions and we seek to immediately resolve any construction-related issues that may arise during the fit-out process. Project supervision also allows us to track end results relating to the aesthetic and technical aspects of the design.

During the Post Contract Phase, we assist clients with:

  • supervision for all construction phases up to project handover
  • quality control reporting
  • evaluation of contractors and subcontractors
  • progress program evaluation and tracking
  • financial reporting
  • safety reporting
  • monthly reporting
  • claims studies and completion certificates

The proficiency and precise attention to detail honed over years of experience enables our team of architects and designers to resolve any issues before they become problems.

A significant reason we have such high levels of client satisfaction is the onsite presence of our Client Representative and Director of Operations. Arab Architects provide a constant point of contact for clients as well as for their contractors. From project initiation until the moment the client opens the front door of their completed landmark, our team of architects and designers monitor the design and construction progress as well as managing the complicated logistics of materials, permits and documents.